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The Rena Levi Skincare Instant “Face Lift”

The Rena Levi Skincare Instant “Face Lift”


In the battle against aging skin, Rena Levi Skin Care brings you this exclusive anti-aging innovation! An entirely customized facial for your individual skin care needs, using our unsurpassed skin care products and ingredients from our select line. Our Instant Face Lift leaves skin looks tighter, firmer and brighter immediately after treatment. Many of our clients have experienced amazing results with the visible reduction of under eye wrinkles and crows feet! 

Use the Rena Levi “Face Lift” to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin , without expensive, painful procedures, and without dangerous muscle relaxers or harsh chemical ingredients!

The Kit Contains the following products: cleanser, Toner, 8oz bamboo, 4 oz. amazing scrub, 6.6 oz. protein powder, 8 oz. super firm cream, 6 oz. antioxidant, 1 oz. naturally bright serum, 4 oz. sun&snow

Call 972-661-5701 or email Gabriel@RenaLeviSkincare.com to for more information or to place your order today!

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