The Vanishing Act Light Moisture Cream
The Vanishing Act Light Moisture Cream
The Vanishing Act Light Moisture Cream

The Vanishing Act Light Moisture Cream

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The Vanishing Act Light Moisture Crème (for oily to acne-prone skin including Rosacea) provides deep hydration without leaving the skin feeling greasy.

 This unique formula soothes, comforts, and hydrates upset/problem skin while restoring the skin's natural pH balance. With daily use, the skin's healthy, smooth and soft texture will reappear!

 ✅ Effective moisturizer effective for oily skin & acne-prone skin

✅ Single daily use controls acne breakouts

✅ Quickly Helps to Heal Blemishes After Cleaning, while nourishing the skin.

 ✅ No harmful acids or chemicals;

 ✅ Effective on all skin types & conditions; safe & effective on delicate skin, as well as problem skin conditions and all type of acne, eczema, and rosacea

 ✅ Provides customized moisture treatment for oily/ acne-prone skin without the addition of clogging & destructive oils

 ✅  Naturally occurring ingredients with astringent properties as the skin's barrier is strengthened & rebuilt; counteracts free radical damage to cells

 ✅ Quickly acts to soothe and restore cell balance

 ✅  Suitable for sensitive skin, non-irritating, nourishing ingredients

 ✅ Designed for quick absorption

 ✅ Ultra-gentle, clear-cut emulsion provides soothing blend of bio nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to replenish cell nourishment

 ✅ Balances pH & hydrates oily skin without sticky residue; most effective when used with complementary RLSC products such as The Vanishing Act Soap & The Vanishing Act On the Spot! Solution